VidMate is the best youtube downloader app for android. With VidMate app, you can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status and many others. Download VidMate and enjoy your favorites on the go!

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Save videos/pics on WhatsApp Status before deleted


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Better Download Experiences

Fast and Easily Download YouTube Music and TikTok Videos


Various Pic Resources

Download Thousands of High Quality Pictures for Free



1How to download VidMate app on Google Play?
Due to the policy of Google, VidMate has not launched Google Play. VidMate is safe, You can download VidMate on official website - vidmate.tv or 9apps.
2How to Install VidMate?
There may be warning at the first time you install an app out of Google Play. Please go to Settings->Security, and turn on Unknown sources.
3How to Install VidMate on iPhone, iPad or PC?
VidMate has not published iOS or Windows version.

About VidMate

VidMate is your ultimate choice for online videos download, which is well known as the HD video downloader that support 1000+ websites including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok etc. Besides the function for videos and music downloading, VidMate downloader also provides the latest series, TV shows and movies in HD format, and free live television online watching.


Looking for the perfect download mate and best manager for your media files which helps you to find out and download any types of videos for offline playing? VidMate is the amazing video downloader app as the right one for you!


Features of VidMate


Unlimited free download

Use VidMate to download all the things online and take it away with you for offline enjoying. From Hollywood, Bollywood movies to short self-made blog videos, you can download videos and movies all around the world. The best things of VidMate App are the free download service and the unlimited download, which means there’s no need to worry about the fee and to avoid the situation from being unable to download your favorite videos.


Abundant pictures and videos sites supported


As we mentioned above, VidMate APK offers you a chance to download movies from Hollywood, Bollywood. In the meantime VidMate also provides an access to download things from online Video-sharing platform like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok. You can find out and download songs, pictures and videos directly in VidMate App, without switching out to another App.


In App subscribe


VidMate provides in-App-subscribe function for you. To follow interesting people and to keep up with current events in the new Discover channel, we will let you know at the first minute the new status came out.


More Than a YouTube Downloader


Videos & Movies Download & Play


One of the best parts of VidMate is that it offers free access to full movies download. It collects and classifies all the movies from a variety of sites, including classic Bollywood movies and latest Hollywood movies, all of which are available for free download. The better blessing in movie section are the functions on each movie's page entitled "People who liked this also liked..." and “same actors”, which help to explore movies of the same or a similar genre. In this way, it saves a lot of time searching and choosing from online complicated movie lists. If you are not sure about whether the movie is what exactly your preference, click into the page and VidMate provides brief introductions and trailers for more detail information. Specially, when any new movies get a touched base on the platform, it will advise and recommend to the individuals.

Experience the latest version of VidMate App which provides you not only fast and smooth download experiences but also smoother watching experiences.


Music Download & Play


For people who love listening to music, you cannot afford to miss VidMate. Saving time from switching among different music apps, VidMate supports High quality (256kbps) mp3 format download for YouTube and several million albums and songs for free. The download speed is one of the best in its industry. With the high download speed and countless resources. VidMate could be your best music player in your phone. Through the free download function, you may even set any songs or sound you prefer as your phone ringtone.


Live TV programs and series


Over 200 channels are available on VidMate including Zee TV, Star World, Channel V and Sahara Online. Collecting a wide range of TV shows in different language, including comedies, Realities and other genres, VidMate is undoubtedly a paradise for people who love watching TV shows. From comedies to documentaries, all the TV shows are updated frequently and smoothly. You may watch it online or offline at any time anywhere, like when you are waiting a bus at the bus stop or taking the train back home.


VidMate Innovations


Personalized Feeds


Select your favorable location and language and you can get specific recommendation from VidMate. VidMate knows you better. VidMate App now has an effective recommendation system, which can know better your interests and hobbies according to your profile or historical behaviors, and then personalize your own playlist. In this way, every time you open the app, you get what you want and find what you will be interested in.


Better Download Experiences


The connection from any given device to the host server is in a high frequencies with the special technology of VidMate, what leads to the improvement for its connectivity and raising the download speed for 5 times. Obviously this technology is not only occupied by VidMate Team since other apps are also doing the same but VidMate uses an enhanced connectivity which makes it stand out. And we were just talked about the speed in the 2018 version. What will the download speed be like in 2019? Download VidMate and experience it by yourself.


Various Pic Resources


Want to find a piece of creative picture to express your current status or a beautiful photo to use as your wallpaper while cannot find a website to search and download pictures? VidMate App obtains a variety of picture resources which enables you easy search and free download. The VidMate latest version offers a tab specific for pictures. Now you may find different kinds of pictures and download it in high quality on your phone. Tell us what kind of picture you want to download on VidMate.


Latest Version of VidMate


The latest version now available is Vidmate4.0, which has fixed several bugs in the previous versions and added new more user-friendly features. Update Vidmate new version and explore more. VidMate for PC and IOS has not launched yet and we are working on it. If you have any suggestion or recommendation on VidMate’s features, feel free to tell us.


Download VidMate APP and Enjoy


VidMate makes speedy media downloads online easy and possible. It is your go-to-media downloader that makes all available online media just within your reach. Download and enjoy now.

When installing VidMate APK, there may be a warning on your phone as you install VidMate out of Google Play. In order to successfully install, please navigate to Setting > Security, then check on the option “Unknown Sources”. Tap OK on the prompt message and select “Trust”, now you are able to install the app on your phone.

Please notice that the official VidMate APK download is now only available on the official website vidmateapp.com or 9apps. VidMate APK has not launched on Google Play yet due to Google’s current policy that prohibits downloading videos from YouTube. We hereby certify that VidMate APK does not have any viruses. Please beware of fake websites, identify the official website and feel safe downloading VidMate APP. Thank you for your understanding and we do appreciate your trust.


If there are any other questions, please contact as via our one and only official E-Mail address: vidmatestudio@gmail.com


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